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Your Quick, Qualified, and Convenient Transmission Service in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island

From torque converter to an output shaft, your transmission is in good hands with the ATRA-certified mechanics of C & S Transmission in Nanaimo. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Customers have routinely rated C & S Transmission as one of the most honest transmission and repair shops in the Nanaimo area. See what our customers are saying about our transmission services in Nanaimo and most of Vancouver Island, including Ladysmith, Parksville, North Island, and Port Alberni.

Transmission Services for Nanaimo Drivers

We can help you diagnose issues, as well as recommend ways to extend the life of your transmission. Our technicians provide service and repairs to both standard and automatic transmissions. To schedule preventative maintenance, transmission repair, or ask about our free local towing service, call C & S Transmission.

Our basic transmission services and products include:

Custom transmission rebuilds
Transfer cases (rebuild and service)
Differentials (rebuild and service)
Differential parts & accessories
Assemblies for transfer cases and differentials
Transmission and differential modifications for hot rods
Standard transmission clutches (services)
Constant velocity axles for front-wheel drive vehicles (service and repair)
Driveshaft for rear-wheel drive vehicles (service)
Rebuilds for Allison Transmission® automatics (light and heavy duty)
Rebuilds and repairs for most marine and industrial transmissions

About Your ATRA Warranty

Did you know that your Nationwide ATRA Warranty can be used at over 2,000 repair shops around the world? Hence, if you ever have an issue with your transmission, there is always a trusted mechanic around the corner to provide a speedy repair. Just locate an ATRA shop near you.

Pick-up, Drop-off, and Towing Services

We provide pick-up and drop-off shuttle services for major transmission services. Towing is also included with any major service. Ask us for additional details.

Transmission Oil Coolers

C & S Transmission carries transmission oil coolers, which are especially useful for tow trucks and other high-performance vehicles.

Schedule a Repair

Contact us for transmission service or repair. We also offer emergency after-hour support.

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